#ScotPublicHealth: summary of our first #PublicHealthHour (6.1.16)

On 6 Jan 2016 we held what may have been the first national #PublicHealthHour in the world. See previous blog to read the background. Tweets posted during the #PublicHealthHour (12.30-13.30) are collected in a Storify.

This blog post provides a summary of the hour, plus details of how to join the next #PublicHealthHour, 3 Feb 2016, 11AM-noon (*** note change in time ***), which will be run as a Webex webinar with tweeting, with @CyclingSurgeon Prof Chris Oliver.

Cycling Surgeon

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My week guest editing global Public Health Twitter feed @WePublicHealth

Early January 2016 Melissa Sweet, curator of @WePublicHealth approached me to guest edit the @WePublicHealth twitter feed 11 to 17 Jan 2016. This was after I had run a survey based on a survey on her Croakey Blog.

Read the #ScotPublicHealth survey results here (21 respondents).

Being guest editor was a great opportunity to learn from the @WePublicHealth community (over 7,500 followers, administered out of Australia, but with a global following), and to share my own ideas around Public Health and those of #ScotPublicHealth. We had just run a #ScotPublicHealth #PublicHealthHour (initial Storify here, blog to follow shortly on this page), so had a lot of ideas.

As I explained previously on this blog, my plan was to run with 4 themes:

“something old, something new, someone followed, and a hint of

The Storify summary of the week is structured under these 4 headings. Read the rules of engagement on the WePublicHealth page.

So what happened?

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Guest editing global #PublicHealth Twitter feed @WePublicHealth 11-17 Jan

I’m excited to announce that I will be guest editing global @WePublicHealth Twitter feed 11-17 January.

While guest editing I plan to look at 4 themes, seeking input from Public Health colleagues around the world:

“something old, something new, someone followed, and a hint of

Tweets on these four themes will be labelled with:

global ph reportlittlejohn1littlejohn29 areas

  • (like the playground game, in an attempt to network with Public Health colleagues across the world)
  • (stories from public health in Scotland, or shared by the Scottish Public Health community)

Please share ideas using these hashtags, for inclusion throughout the week (11-17 Jan).

Graham Mackenzie 8.1.16 Cynergy_Graham MacKenzie_509 (1)

#ScotPublicHealth: planning for our first #PublicHealthHour 6.1.2016, 12.30-1.30PM

It’s good to experiment. The idea of #ScotPublicHealth and a #PublicHealthHour emerged out of discussions during December 2015.

Our first #PublicHealthHour on social media has been scheduled for the first full working day of 2016 (6.1.16). Information has been circulated on Twitter, and in the real world through Public Health teams. Some of the information shared is shown at the end of this post.

It remains to be seen whether colleagues will be able to access Twitter at work, and how many will engage. What is clear, however, is that social media is increasingly important for professionals, patients and the public. Eric Levi, ENT surgeon, puts it well in two blog posts – one on a “social media epidemic” among patients, the other on a medical college slow to respond to a wave of criticism over the festive period. During 2016 we’ll use #ScotPublicHealth to work out how best to engage with all audiences using social media. If you can’t take part in the Twitter hour then you can complete a survey instead.

The first #ScotPublicHealth #PublicHealthHour has four main objectives:

  1. To help the Public Health community network more effectively (by and across topic, discipline and geography)
  2. To identify topics for ongoing discussion (as a community and in a series of blogs)
  3. To establish the best ways to use social media (eg Twitter vs Facebook), and current level of skills within the community
  4. To identify other events and outputs beyond social media (eg a WebEx on using Twitter, a session at the next Public Health conference, an email list)

Our questions are structured around these objectives. They’re listed below as tweets scheduled for noon, 5.1.16 (a day ahead of Twitter hour). I have provided abbreviated examples within the first few tweets. Participants will have more characters to play with, as don’t need to repeat question.

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Tying up 2015

Between 31 Dec 2015 and 2 Jan 2016 I ran a SurveyMonkey survey that took a broad look at Public Health issues in 2015. This was in preparation for the #ScotPublicHealth #PublicHealthHour on 6 Jan 2016 (12.30-1.30PM). Responses 1-11 were received between these two dates. I extended the survey after renewed interest. Responses 12-21 were received between 3 and 8 Jan 2016.

The aim was to gather information that would be of interest generally to healthcare professionals (and beyond).

Many thanks to everyone who completed this SurveyMonkey survey. Read full results and a summary below. Methods and further details are provided at the end of this post.


Man-with-cigarette-and-to-006hectordanny dorlingredcar closure

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