Inequalities in uncertain times: reflections on the 1 June 2016 #PublicHealthHour, post EU referendum

This is a blog about the #ScotPublicHealth #PublicHealthHour 1 June 2016. The full session recording is available here. Tweets summarised using Storify. Quotes below are taken from tweets during PublicHealthHour.

We live in increasingly unequal and uncertain times. A nation’s politics and its government’s economic decisions have a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of its citizens. The result of the UK referendum on EU membership (23 June 2016) has been picked over during the past fortnight. Voting intentions leading up to the referendum show profound differences in outlook across the UK. Commentators have noted differences in voting patterns by area (urban vs rural vs former industrial), age, education level and income, charting the impact of decades of decline in our most deprived communities. The implications of the EU referendum decision for the future of the UK (including health and the NHS) are being debated at length, but the word “inequalities” is never far from the discussion. (/continues/)

Source: New Economics Forum (click image to see full document).

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