Adventures in social media analysis for understanding healthcare and public health topics.

Between 2016 and 2020 inclusive I have been exploring how to use social media and social network analysis to understand healthcare and public health topics. The list of peer reviewed papers and blogs below (click “Continue reading” below) – and the brief description beneath each reference – provides a summary of this work. I have tried to keep each publication original, making new discoveries and advances along the way. Hopefully these publications, and the blogs and pages on the ScotPublicHealth site, will help others make further advances over time, and also understand the pitfalls in social media analysis.

Thank you to all co-authors who have helped make this such an enlightening and enjoyable body of work. It has been a truly international collaboration, across multiple clinical fields, with new connections from Hong Kong, across Europe, and North America, plus Australasia and South America along the way in conference abstract and social media conference summaries.

This concludes planned work on this topic (there’s one further paper in press that explains how you can use a “user search” to gather data over a longer period of time, providing insights into a surgical topic).

Dr Graham Mackenzie, GPST2, Edinburgh, Scotland

January 2021

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