Reflections on live tweeting social media analysis from #RCGPAC.

The Royal College of General Practitioners Annual Conference (RCGPAC) 2019 has embraced the use of social media to disseminate information to conference delegates and a wider audience beyond the conference hall. In an experiment at RCGPAC 2019, social media analysis was shared live from the conference hall throughout the conference, summarising the top content, identifying the main contributors and encouraging delegates to use the conference hashtag (#RCGPAC) to aid identification and dissemination of tweets. This idea emerged after an analysis of tweeting from the 2018 conference showed that a substantial proportion of tweets had omitted the official conference hashtag and were therefore less likely to reach their intended audience. Throughout the conference I shared social media analysis in a tweet thread and an ongoing Wakelet summary capturing the most popular tweets. This analysis has, in turn, fed into GP Online articles.

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