Welcome to #ScotPublicHealth

Social media can be a great way to generate buzz around an event or cause, but creating a lasting impact is more of a challenge.

Tweets from the Scottish Public Health Conference 2015 produced 1.1 million impressions, seen by 230 thousand people over two days… but stopped as the conference ended. We are not using the networking potential of social media on an ongoing basis. Read a Storify summary of the conference.


The #ScotPublicHealth hashtag is intended as a way to allow Public Health discussions throughout the year. Use #ScotPublicHealth when writing about Public Health in Scotland, or posting information that you want to share with colleagues in Scotland.

The first #ScotPublicHealth “event” is in the form of a #TwitterHour on 6.1.2016, 12.30-1.30PM. Join in on Twitter using #ScotPublicHealth hashtag, or on Facebook. Questions for this #TwitterHour will be posted on 5.1.2016. Share your own ideas for questions/ topics before noon on 4.1.2016. We aim to cover the 9 areas of Public Health throughout the year – see more at the #ScotPublicHealth Storify.

Track progress on #ScotPublicHealth hashtag using symplur.

Social media moves very quickly. A tweet has an average shelf life of 18 minutes. This blog will provide a place for reflection. We’ll have guest editors and themes.

In the meantime, check out my Twitter feed at @gmacscotland.

Graham Mackenzie 30.12.2015 Cynergy_Graham MacKenzie_509 (1)

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