General Practice training resources


See useful BMJ reviews (2019)

Part 1) Screening and diagnosis 
Part 2) Management 

management of depression (bmj)

Assessing severity: Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) download or MDCalc or (UK) online calculator.

Comparison of anti-depressants on MIND charity website and in part 2 of BMJ review.

comparing antidepressants (bmj)

Back pain

Useful information leaflet for patients from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Feverish child

When Should I Worry website for respiratory tract infections, including leaflet produced specifically for Scotland. Useful in describing decisions around antibiotic prescribing, and when to seek urgent medical input. Helpful in safety netting, including discussions around meningococcal disease.

From NICE Guideline 2013

From Birmingham Children’s Hospital website

Consultation models in primary care

Useful overview from Pennine training practice.

And a shorter summary from Claire Denness, published in InnovAIT.

Assessing Fitness to Drive

Assessing fitness to drive: a guide for medical professionals

Training documentation

Bradford VTS page.

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